Professionnal acommodations at purehouse.org

Pure House offers a portfolio of short-term accommodations for professional groups. But more than just a place to stay, the  Pure House’s team is deeply invested in their guest’s success.

From facilitating introductions to their vast network of business contacts, to brainstorming ideas, to organizing events and the most basic of concierge services, guests are completely cared for from the moment they contact Pure House. Imagine a hotel experience within private apartments that offers hyper concierge services that dwell into the realm of business consulting. It’s like a mashup between a boutique hotel and business incubator.

Past guests include the team behind Google’s Project Loon (balloon-powered internet for everyone), Red Bull Music Academy, The Do School (incubator program for European Social Entrepreneurs) and CommuniTgrow (South African Real Estate Development Initiative of 200 low-income homes).


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