The New Year is a great moment for resolutions and a fresh start. A critical year for our planet, 2019 was marked by massive forests fires in Brazil and Australia and climate negotiations at a stalemate. In 2020, we need to rebound, big time…
Scaling-up climate action should be a new year resolution for all of us. It is for us at PUR Projet. How can we turn this wish into reality?

By proving that engaging for the climate in an integrated way is good for business and for us, for example through the implementation of insetting projects. Planting trees in our ecosystems is the best investment we can make today for all stakeholders and generations to come.

By welcoming all those who engage, even those who start small or late, as we need everybody to be on board.

By staying hopeful we can reverse climate crisis, as this is key to stay motivated, active and hence generate impact.

Beyond that, by recognizing the climate emergency as an opportunity for us to change our relationship with Nature and ourselves. It is time to reconnect to Nature and our higher self, for our own good. It is time to feel that engaging for climate and the environment is not a constraint but a liberation, an opportunity to raise our individual and collective consciousness and wellbeing, an opportunity to be more authentic and genuinely happy, reconciled with Nature and oneself.

At PUR Projet, 2020 is also a fresh start as we are thrilled to welcome Emmanuel Soulias as our new General Manager.  An entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in Sustainability, we believe he will be key to help us scale-up while keeping our values and social and environmental standards at their highest.

We wish you and us all a very conscious, hopeful and engaged year. May this year be liberating and may the Forest be with you.


Tristan LECOMTE 

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