Soil fertility to support farmland

The livelihood of farming communities sensitively rests upon soil fertility and biodiversity of their farmland. For farmers’ families, poor soils mean poor crop yields, heavy investment in synthetic fertilizers, which leads to lower-income, limited access to their children’s education, food safety and security, quality healthcare, and countless social problems.

Families break down. Parents separate from their children to work and send home money, children grow up with their grandparents. The children call their grandparents “mom and dad”, and their parents become relatives that come visit from time to time. This situation has been ongoing to at least the last 2 generations in Isaan, the Northeastern region of Thailand, where rice farming is the main income for most families.

However, in the past 4 years, PUR Projet has worked in collaboration with farmer cooperatives and communities on agricultural intervention with a simple and yet powerful tool, “trees”.

Planting trees around the rice buns potentially do not only bring resilience in sources of income for families. It also protects the rice yield from erratic weather, restores biodiversity for open rice field, and regenerate life and fertility to their soils.

As part of our regenerative agricultural approach, we continue to work closely with rice farmers on the study of rice farming practices that emit carbon the least, increase the rice yield, and restore biodiversity most cost-effectively.

Fon Supitcha Tiyapipat
With a Bachelor’s Degree in management from Ritsumeikan APU in Japan and a Master’s Degree in Finance from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. Her innate curiosity and love of travel led to her rediscovery of hill tribes during which she also witnessed Thailand’s deforestation problems. As such, she co-founded a local green squad, called Meuyen Meungyen, composed of a voluntary team that donates their time to tree-planting initiatives around the city. In November 2015, Fon joined PUR Projet as Thailand country manager to further strengthen her commitment to reforestation projects.



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