2012 have been marked with the development of many new reforestation and forest conservation Pure Projects around the world, thanks to your support and loyalty, thank you. We expressly note that you’re more likely to get involved in programs of 3 to 5 years, thus placing your work on the long view. This fully meets the needs of small-scaled farmers with whom we plant as projects we develop with them spread out over long periods of 3-40 years. Indeed, it is very important to follow the plantations and their long-term impacts. Planting the seed is a good start, but what matters most is to support the growth of the tree, replant dead trees, trimming branches for optimal growth of the tree and for maximum benefit of small producers when resale. At the company level, it is a similar challenge to incorporate the project within their businesses and to support change on the long run. This is to ensure greater coherence and legitimacy in your engagement strategy.

Full-term timber sale is an important element to motivate the producers, but before that, the tree would have achieved many socio-environmental effects: natural enrichment of soil, erosion reduction factors, improved water cycle and maintaining a good level of soil moisture that are the conditions for better yields of the agroforestry plots. Crops that grow under these trees are better protected from climatic changes already visible around the world: prolonged droughts, torrential rains, storms … The trees impact on the micro-climate is also very important, the presence of a forest ensures higher precipitation which is better drained by the trees’ roots.

Regeneration of biodiversity, CO2 sequestration, depollution by capturing nitrates and aeration of the soil by the roots of the trees are more precious ecosystem functions among the many services provided by our friends, the trees.
This overall regeneration of the ecosystem enables small-scaled farmers to reduce inputs and therefore production costs of agricultural products. It increases and diversifies their resources: fruits, traditional medicines, seeds, sap, honey, compost… Within 5 to 10 years, the net income of these small producers involved in our projects may double. Thus, your trees grow in number… This is the magic of nature!

Finally, another important feature of the tree stands in its symbolic dimension. This is why, in Ishinomaki, a city deeply affected by the 2011 tsunami, we have launched a project to plant traditional Japanese cherry trees called “Sakura” in memory of the victims. Worldwide, the tree and the forest have a strong symbolic even sacred dimension. The trees may be sacred because they determine our life on Earth, what we have tended to forget. These are all the reasons that lead us to take action and have those strong ambitions for the Pure Projects we develop with you.

We wish you a wonderful year 2013, with more planted trees and regenerated and preserved ecosystems in the end, for the good of everyone and a better life in the heart of Nature. On behalf of the entire PUR PROJET team and of thousands of growers whom we support, we really wanted to THANK YOU again!

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