There are a thousand reasons to give a tree for Christmas. From our point of view, the tree is a source of life, balance and harmony. Planting a tree is often food for the soul and always hopeful.


For the greeting season, give trees or acres of preserved forest your friends, family, employees, partners… The trees you sponsor are planted by small-scaled farmers (owning 1 hectare on average) involved in organic agriculture, fair trade, environmental protection and socio-economic development of their communities. Participating in their agroforestry and forest conservation programs, you make a concrete step for the development of local communities and the defense of the environment, placing human being, nature and life at the heart of men’s activities.

The trees are geo-located and registered so your purchase will raise a certificate as a single nominative greeting card, including a link to login to your personal partner’s area on Pur Projet’s website to find all the information about your planted tree’s species, participating producer, project media material (films and photos), location on Google Earth.

And because the beginning of a new year is also the best time to take good resolutions, we offer you to symbolically balance your CO2 annual emissions with the “offset Year 2012” certificate! For an example, a French person would emit 8.7 t CO2 / year on average: a good resolution for 2013 would be to reduce those to the minimum!

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TREEZ: planting trees bracelets

Treez are planting trees bracelets. Alexis Krycève, co-founder of PUR PROJET and Alter Eco, is the creator of this great initiative, based on the idea that “dealing with serious topics through fun and exciting approaches provides us the support of most and participates in the awakening of consciousness.”

The range consists in 5 beech wooden bracelets made in Jura (France). Treez come in 5 colors matching 5 Pure Projects: each bracelet corresponds to a tree, planted in one of the Pure Project in Ghana (red), Peru (green), Brazil (pink), Thailand (yellow) or France (blue). Scratch a unique code to access your partner’s area and download a certificate of your personalized geo-located planted tree and discover the reforestation project on our website.

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CONSCIENTS: planting trees clothing

Conscients (Aware) is the Children’ Slow Wear brand by Hélène Long and Carole Piette, co-founder of Pur Projet: organic, environmental, sustainable and solidarity clothing designed to meet the motivity of children from their first step… And for each piece, a tree is planted in the Amazonian project Alto Huayabamba so children and Rainforest can grow together!

“Since they are born, our children are aware of what is good and beautiful… They are born pure and they know how to take their time… They inspire us and remind us not to get lost on our path. We created Aware, a clothing brand for children that is looking for the best for everyone: manufacturers, parents, children and our planet. Your tree can be planted in the heart of the city or in the Amazon…”

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