End of 2012 Fench activities

Planting a solidarity thorns and honey trees hedge for “Plaine de vie” (Plain Life)

In 2012, CHANTIER École Île-de-France (litt. SITE SCHOOL Île-de-France) and PUR PROJET signed a framework agreement to plant trees for the benefit of this national network for Integration by Economic Activity (IAE) which aims to enable permanently excluded from the labor market people not only to find a stable job, but also to acquire skills and qualifications and to achieve social reintegration.
The first planting happened in early December in St Brice-sous-Forêt (95), in the Plain Life association’s market garden of integration through organic cultivation, which produces vegetables’ baskets in the Val d’Oise. This hedge of 504 thorny and honey shrubs (Buckthorn, Blackthorn, Briar…) is a learning material for trees plantation and shrubs recognition for employees and students visiting the garden. It protects crops, welcomes beneficial insects, promotes pollination and contributes to the well-being and safety of employees at work.


“Vittel Valley” in France: innovate through agroforestry

In the Vosgian impluvium (catchment area) of Vittel mineral water, one of the French Nestle Waters brands, trees are not absent, the landscape is rich in contrasts and biodiversity and farmers cooperate with Nestlé Waters and Agrivair for 20 years in demanding agro-environmental practices… so why stop here?
Now and there, innovation and experimentation are the primary source of motivation for planting trees, which profits are constantly reviewed and reinvested. This year, in partnership with PUR PROJET, two farmers have committed to preserving Vittel’s water resources and to developping formerly absent from the territory ambitious agroforestry models, producing fragmented wood for soil enrichment and lumber from noble species, not to mention the important educational and landscaping dimension for the well-being in fields of the farmers and the pleasure of passing motorists and curious hikers. There are currently more than 30 hectares of intra-parcel plantations and several hundred meters of hedges that will participate in a new stage of agro environmental life in this territory.

Jean-Marie Deshoux is a co-founder of PUR PROJET. Indeed, he is the main initiator of the “Pur Hexagon” planting program in France: agroforestry, hedges plantation and forestry. Pur Hexagon integrates the issues of agroecology within its partner’s industries: enhancing biodiversity, preserving resources – soil, water – securing the quality of supplies, creating landscapes. As every other pure project, Pur Hexagone stimulates local economic and social challenges: diversification of farmers’ income, fight against exclusion, integration.

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