So what do you favor in December: a cut or planted Christmas tree?

The festive season is the perfect opportunity to get out of overconsumption. Exit the turkey breast with chestnuts, foie gras , the dying Christmas tree in the living room and gifts bought at the last minute because you have no idea. The 21st century will be centred on the essential, or will not be, and Pur Projet wants to be in: under the Chirstmas tree Do It Yourself ( inspiring images here), Pur Projet propose you to put as many planted trees and flowers as you wish . Guaranteed 0% Waste and 100% Happiness .

“Planting trees goes well beyond an economic , social and environmental movement. It is a fundamental act that connects us directly to the living beauty and magic of the Nature interdependencies. Trees have existed for 350 million years , they are complex and evolved beings, from which we have a lot to learn . Offering a tree, to his family , colleagues, friends, means offering a living gift that connects us with small-scale farmers engaged in Fair Trade, Organic agriculture, Forest & Biodiversity preservation.”

Tristan Lecomte, Founder of Pur Projet.

And as Pur Projet loves diversity , these great gifts prove to be many and varied : trees, precious plants , acres of preserved forest , or hives to add a sweet to the selection. A personal code allows the beneficiary to access his gift online: tree planting certificate, Google Earth location of trees / plants, information, photos and movies on local projects. And of course, Pur Projet’s gifts suit all budgets.

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