In 2014, still in the field with farmers

During the last months, we have traveled the world to develop , monitor and report on the Pure Projects . Peru , Guatemala, Colombia, Honduras , Mexico, China , Indonesia, Thailand , Ethiopia, … our mission is to be in the field, everywhere, alongside disvantaged farmers who are engaged in agroecological and agroforestry practices , or look forward to it thanks to your support .

We do not limit ourselves to work in the field, we are aware that we must also promote agroecological practices and participate in the awakening of consciences, as our friend and model  Pierre Rabhi urged us to do. This is why we also continue to co-produce the documentary series “Vers d’Autres Mondes” (= to other worlds) , broadcast on France 5 , Ushuaia TV and international channels. We trace supply chains: coffee in Ethiopia, corn in Mexico, or tea in Sri Lanka. In the 2nd  season, we share our analysis of issues and solutions for a more sustainable development model.

The issues are complex , but all opinions converge on the need and opportunity to influence our agricultural model, and more generally our culture towards the reconciliation of our economic activities with our ecosystem.

There can be no doubt that this century will be the one of the reconciliation with our own ecosystem … or will not be! This is the sustainability of our business model , the future of our children, and probably our own happiness now. This is maybe also what Pur Projet is about: reconciling with ourselves and our deepest aspirations .

We wish everyone a very Happy New Year and a beautiful reconciliation with your dreams and aspirations!

Tristan & Pur Projet’s team

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