“Once upon a Forest”

If we were Télérama we would give:

And as we are Pur Projet we give without hesitation

“Once upon a Forest” is an amazing gem for young and old. Francis Hallé brings us to the heart of primary forests which born and evolve for nearly seven centuries before our very eyes. A timeless journey where he talks about the beauty of living and the interdependencies governing tropical ecosystems. With an underlying question: what if we, like other species, were at the service of big trees .. ? An interesting reversal of perspective that puts the intelligence of plants at the center of the debate.

Thank you to Marion Cotillard , sponsor of Alto Huayabamba and Martin Sagrado projects in Peru, who made us meet Luc Jacquet at the beginning of this film adventure. At Pur Projet , we would make such meetings every day!

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