Fashion Revolution Day is an international initiative built by a wide range of journalists, opinion leaders, advertisers and organizations who were outraged by the Rana Plaza tragedy in Bangladesh and decided to take action. Over 50 countries have already joined the movement and are participating in the development of this global network.

Tristan Lecomte already joined the #FashionRevolutionDay

This year’s theme is “Who made your clothes?”, the goal is to reconnect people with the persons that made their clothes.

We have lost the connection with the clothes that we wear, so we thought it was important to make this first day about transparency and reconnecting the relationships in the fashion value chain. What is the connection to someone else through your clothes? The farmers do not know where their cotton goes; the producers no longer make entire garments, they are just line workers; and the end consumer rarely knows where their clothes were made.

In France, the board members are Sabrina Cherubini (our EYKOG partner), Barbara Coignet (1.618 Sustainable Luxury Fair), Isabelle Quéhé (Founder of the Ethical Fashion Show) and Cécile Lochard (CITIZEN LUXURY). Their objective is to give their input to the French campaign and raise awareness about the impacts of fashion and promote a more ethical fashion in France.

Want to join?
It’s very simple, wear your clothes inside out or just show the label, take a selfie and send it to And of course, publish it in your social media with the #FashionRevolutionDay and #InsideOut hashtags.

On April 24th, the selfies will be published and they will constitute the “WE ARE FASHION REVOLUTION” web wall.Join the movement and visit:



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