Our agroforestry animation goes international

Only a couple of days after publishing our agroforestry animation, we started receiving several messages from people (in Vietnam, Germany, Portugal, Thailand…) who were interested by it and asking for a translated version.

Today, thanks to the kind contribution of Robert Finlyason, Regional Communications Specialist of the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) in Southeast Asia, the scientific community of the Centre and other volunteers, the animation is being translated in over a dozen languages and dialects.

It is essential to communicate widely about agroforestry’s simplicity and efficiency, with proper learning tools that can reach as many farmers as possible, around the World.

We thank all the people and institutions that joined us in this particular effort. Stay tuned to see the new animation versions and to share with your friends all over the world. To start, here is the German version translated in partnership with Christoffer Schäle, from the Zirkeldreher Institution, in Germany.




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