Climate action at the World Economic Forum 2015

On the occasion of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Pur Projet launches a new application to plant trees and act against climate change. The app is our message to the leaders of this World to sponsor a tree in Davos or in 25 other reforestation projects* around the Globe. To this day Pur Projet has planted over 4 million trees around the world and targets 15 million until 2020.

The World Economic Forum is famous for being the meeting place for World and Business leaders, with more than 40 heads of State and Governments and 2500 CEOs and key opinion leaders present this year.

2015 is a decisive year for climate action with the COP21 (Climate Conference) taking place in Paris late November where the global community may reach an agreement. Davos is a great start to mobilize world leaders. Davos is the place where we can infuse new ideas that go way beyond business. If we want to change the World, it can start where most key decision makers are coming.” Tristan Lecomte, Founder Pur Projet & Social Entrepreneur of the Schwab Foundation Delegation invited to Davos.

Pur Projet’s founder and CEO will be present in Davos and launches on this occasion the initiative allowing to sponsor a tree for free in one of the 26 projects* supported by Pur Projet and its partners, just with one click.

Plant your tree today and help us to spread the action:

or send an email to:

Spread the word with the hashtags:

*The 26 plantation projects are located in Davos and in France, The UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Peru, Honduras, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, UAE, Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, India, Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines, Indonesia, South-Korea, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. Learn more at:

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