Nestlé welcomes the benefits of agroforestry

On October 31st, the Nestlé group organized a conference, ” A step towards the future of agriculture “, in Paris to introduce agroforestry practices developed at the heart of four of its branches. José Lopez, vice president of the group, introduced agroforestry as an innovative solution to the economic and environmental challenges of today. Richard Girardot, president of Nestlé France stressed the importance of agroforestry to support the transition to a sustainable agriculture.

A round table enabled to shed light on the projects of Nespresso, Mousline, Nescafé and Vittel that Pur Projet is conducting with them as a collaborator. For instance, Vittel has planted one million trees in Peru, contributing to the preservation of a watershed and plantations along a confluence of the Amazon. Moreover, Vittel has started planting trees in the Vosges where its sources are located in 2013 in order to preserve water resources in the catchment area. In August, Nespresso announced its commitment to plant 10 million trees in its coffee sectors by 2020.

Here is a glimpse of the conference through three different characters spontaneously gathered around this common theme:

–        Aniceto Caamal Cocom, a Mayan dignitary who came from the Yucatan peninsula, was in France as part of the Honey Melipona project, ” In Lak Ech: “I am another you”; Aniceto started his speech with this ancient Mayan greeting. He reminded the 130 people in the room of the importance of our relationship with nature, health of our ecosystems, preservation of our seeds and solidarity between peoples.

–        Michael Porter, the famous theorist of corporate strategy, was interviewed in the Nestlé video about the Creating Shared Value approach. Michael Porter developed this vision in 2011, describing how companies can create competitive advantages generating profitability through actions with high socio-environmental impact.

– Stéphane Le Foll, France’s Agriculture Minister, concluded the conference with his support for the initiatives presented, highlighting their integration into agro-ecological projects in France. The conference happened a month before the agroforestry day organized by the Ministry, which Pur Projet participated in.

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