1Heart 1Tree: an inspiring and unique artwork for reforestation

Would you like your virtual tree on the Eiffel Tower with your name that will grow at the rate of your heartbeat ?
This is what the collective and unique art project One Heart One Tree of artist Naziha Mestaoui will enable you to do.
On the occasion of the Conference for Climate COP21 in Paris, Naziha Mestaoui invites you to be a co-creator of this work that will turn the Eiffel Tower into a 3D virtual forest through the 1heart1tree application.

The most significant environmental event of the year will gather political and economic from all over the world to adopt forward-looking strategies and call for ambitious policies to act against climate change. Deforestation being one of the biggest environmental challenges the world is facing, forests conservation and restoration are more essential than ever. Protecting trees is critical as they are at the heart of ecosystems. For millions of people around the world, their disappearance threatens their survival: forests are their home, their source of food, they offer medicine, and energy, and are at the core of their spiritual and cultural identity.

This is why 1heart 1tree represents such a great initiative: all of us can be actors of the change and contribute for a long-term positive impact on our environment. Thanks to the app, you will be able to create a tree of light with your name on it. It will grow at the rate of your heartbeat on the Eiffel Tower. For every digital tree that is planted on the monument, a real tree will be planted in one of the five reforestation programs that Pur Projet manages:

-Martin Sagrado in Peru
-Dhamma Rakhsa in Thailand
-Mihai Eminescu Trust in Romania
-Windsor Downs Nature Reserve in Australia
-Femmes du RIF in Morocco

To give life to this unique and inspiring project in which we participate, we need all of you . You can help planting trees on the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. We hope to see millions of trees planted and show that we can all contribute for an inspiring future.



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