Accor adopts the Tree Resolution

On the occasion of its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on April 28, the Accor hotel group has submitted an unprecedented resolution: the “Tree Resolution”, which have been approved by 96% of the shareholders. Through their voice, Accor wishes to intensify its Plant for the Planet program by committing to the plantation of 10 million trees by 2021. With already 4 million trees planted worldwide since 2009, Accor took note of this innovative program that engages customers, employees and local communities in sustainable development.

More broadly, Accor intends to launch a mobilization movement in the economic world, for a better integration of environmental issues.

As the founder of Pur Projet, Tristan Lecomte explains:

“The Tree Resolution is a world first, and intends to pave the way for a better integration of the Climate issue and the preservation of our ecosystems, at the very heart of businesses, starting with the mobilzation of shareholders, often not questionned on these issues.

For too long, companies have considered themselves disconnected from their ecosystem, while the future of their business depends on it. It is time to help companies reclaim the management of their ecosystem. The Tree Resolution is a step in this direction: to recognize the many benefits of trees, on an environmental, social and economic front. They provide valuable services to a company like Accor, and this should be better known and valued, to be used by others.

Accor wants to share its best practices in this field and engage in a movement of global mobilization of all economic actors in favor of the Forest, Climate, and more generally the regeneration of the ecosystem on which we depend. Pur Projet welcomes this pioneering initiative which, we hope, will initiate some more.”

With the upcoming Climate Conference, Pur Projet welcomes this Tree Resolution which is a world first in the economic world.

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