Agroforestry workshop in Yunnan

Representatives from the villages of Liguang and Meile as well as  teams from Zigen and Pur Projet have all attended a training workshop in agroforestry conducted by ICRAF (Word Agroforestry Center) in Yunnan, China.

The objective was to improve plantation models developed by the villagers of the Liming community, which were established in 2012 with Pur Projet. This is a part of a project of preservation and valorisation of traditional Chinese plants which are cultivated based on agroforestry models.

The analysis of the agricultural techniques employed, the use of fertilizers, composting practices, cultivation of fodder legumes, erosion on sloping land, competition (water) between trees and crops, and recurring droughts were amongst the issues discussed to better understand local agricultural issues.

Moreover, awareness of the villagers to the many ecosystem services provided by trees for crops but also more broadly for commnunities and their environment has strengthened the participants’ interest in agroforestry models.

Several field trips subsequently completed the training: a visit of agroforestry plots in Baoshan where the local community produces and processes nuts through collective management, a visit of nurseries where fruit trees are produced and various discussions on fruit trees management (planting techniques, maintenance, size, etc.), a visit of a community-based forest conservation project in which matsutake (mushrooms) are produced.

The next step now is to finalize the models for the next wave of plantation, and to disseminate agroforestry techniques to all participants villagers.

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