News from the Pure Team

The Pure Team is growing and moving

With the arrival of new members, the Pure Team has left the Passage de la Bonne Graine offices to move into a larger space, rue de la Pierre Levée in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. The team has welcomed Arthur at the Pur Lab and Marie who handles partnership programs but also new developpers to reinforce the field activity.

Opening of a new branch in Singapore

Pur Development is the branch dedicated to the development of projects on the ground. Headquartered in Singapore, it now includes the entire (and international) team of engineers and agronomists who will assist producers in implementing agroforestry practices.

Visit of Dao in France

Dao, project coordinator in Thailand, came to visit us in Paris. After months or even years of collaboration by email for some member of the team, it was a great pleasure to finally meet her in person. She shared her experience on the ground and about her daily work with producers in Thailand, as well as her vision of the projects. We will share soon an interview of Dao (now at editing stage) on our social networks.

Collective training workshops

To improve team cohesion, we have implemented collective training workshops, where everyone explains in details their jobs. The last session, with Pierric, was about the development stages of a project on the ground. From the design phase to the monitoring of plantations, we are now all experts on the subject!

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