Ushuaïa Bahia Do Brasil and the reforestation of the São Francisco River

On the occasion of the launch of its new beauty range, Bahia Do Brasil, Ushuaïa is involved in the reforestation of the banks of the São Francisco River with Pur Projet in Brazil.

Flowing through Brazil for 3,000 km, the São Francisco River is the third largest river of the country and nearly a third of the Brazilians people depend upon it. Essential for many crops and irrigated areas lcoated near the banks of the river and its springs, the resulting degradation caused by human activity is threatening the São Francisco River. The widespread use of burn and slash agricultural techniques and intensive farming have contributed to the massive deforestation of the river banks which also suffer the ravages of erosion.

It is in this context that Pur Projet and the Nordesta association are collaborating. Created in 2005 in the state of Minas Gerais, Nordesta works with Pur Projet on reforestation projects around the springs of the São Francisco River to protect the natural resources which small producers in the region depend upon. The association, led by its President Neuza Falco Galvao, preserves over one million seeds of local species in its seed bank where trees are also growing in a tree nursery. The various plantations, adapted to each site, allow for the rapid and healthy regeneration of degraded lands, improvement of water quality and the return of local biodiversity. Moreover, economic development and environmental education projects have been initiated in the area – for instance, there is a developing beekeeping activity – in order to insure the diversification of local farmers’ income.

Neuza Falco Galvao, President of the Nordesta association

The launch of the Bahia Do Brasil range demonstrates the commitment of Ushuaïa, which will contribute to the reforestation of 7 hectares of land where 20 natural springs of the São Francisco River are located. As a brand dedicated to natural beauty, Ushuaïa uses natural materials of renewable origin, and shower gels and deodorants roll-ons that are 100% recyclable. The scents of the products are also formulated to respect the environment. Bahia do Brasil is the example of the willingness of a company to offer the choice of a sustainable consumption to everyone.

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