On the way to COP 21


Beyond negotiations that will reach – hopefully – a new climate agreement between the States, COP 21 will also be an opportunity to highlight brilliant initiatives led by companies and the civil society to fight climate change. The idea is not to promote brands or advertise, but to co-work on solutions adapted to the scale of the challenges.

Today, less than 0.1% of companies in the world are involved in carbon offsetting, mainly because offsetting projects are disconnected from their strategies and core business. Innovative projects such as Insetting can bring a fresh wind because they integrate climate at the heart of companies’ business models, especially in their supply chains. Smart Insetting projects are legitimate, sustainable, and are an effective way to revive the very best of carbon offsetting.

PUR Projet and partners will be mobilized during the COP at the Grand Palais (COP Solutions 21), le Bourget (Village of Civil Society) and the Place to B, a place of residence and co-working gathering journalists, bloggers, experts and solutions providers to cover the COP 21 with a new perspective. We will also be at UNESCO for The Earth University (December 4th & 5th).

If we want to fight climate change, we must create a positive dynamic and mobilize all stakeholders. Have everyone co-work to build new and ambitious solutions, and make sure they develop more and better.

COP21 will take place from November 30th to December 11th, 2015.

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