The Gran Pajatén Proposal at UNESCO’s 4th World Congress of Biospheres Reserves in Lima Peru


Along with our partners from the Acopagro, Aproboc and Apahui cooperatives as well as from the Fundación Amazonia Viva, we are proud to present the Gran Pajatén Biosphere Proposal at the 4th World Congress of Biosphere Reserves in Lima, Peru. This proposal includes the Biocorredor Martin Sagrado conservation area: 230 000 hectares of primary forest surrounding the Upper Huayabamba river in the San Martin State.

Launched in 2010 in partnership with local organic cocoa farmers, the project has proven to be a community forest preservation model, combining agroforestry and agro-ecological technics with socio-economic development.

Organised by UNESCO, the World Congress of Biosphere Reserves gathers experts, governments, local communities and organisations from all over the world to discuss progress and obstacles related to biosphere reserve issues and work on an Action Plan for Biosphere Reserves for 2016-2025.

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Augusto Sangama, Apahui president (Montecristo concession), Lino Paredes Castillo, Aproboc president (El Breo concession) and Essari Plascencia, Acopagro manager for the Martin Sagrado concession.

3GranPajaten_Unesco-PURProjet-BiocorredorMartinSagrado-WorldBiosphereReserve 8GranPajaten_Unesco-PURProjet-BiocorredorMartinSagrado-WorldBiosphereReserve 7GranPajaten_Unesco-PURProjet-BiocorredorMartinSagrado-WorldBiosphereReserve
5GranPajaten_Unesco-PURProjet-BiocorredorMartinSagrado-WorldBiosphereReserve 4GranPajaten_Unesco-PURProjet-BiocorredorMartinSagrado-WorldBiosphereReserve



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