Coral reef conservation in Bali with EAU THERMALE AVENE

The brand EAU THERMALE AVENE (Pierre Fabre Group) has been involved for several years in reducing its environmental footprint, minimizing the impacts of sun care products on marine ecosystemsits. In 2016, EAU THERMALE AVENE partnered PUR Projet to launch PUR Coral, a project to preserve and regenerate marine ecosystems in Indonesia.

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A third of coral reefs lies in the Coral Triangle located in Southeast Asia, at the crossroads of the Indian and Pacific oceans. This ecosystem is threatened by the combined effects of climate change and destructive fishing, especially in coastal areas, the most polluted places. The project supported by EAU THERMALE AVENE aims to restore the reefs close to Pejarakan, a coastal village in the North West of the island of Bali, where corals were mostly destroyed by dynamite and cyanide fishing, causing the collapse of the entire ecosystem. Destructive fishing is now banned but damages need to be repaired.

PUR Coral is developed with the Pokmasta community group , which is responsible for the management of the site. The project will immerse artificial reef structures and apply the Biorock BIOROCK® process, invented by Thomas J. Goreau & Wolf Hilbertz. This method consists in stimulating coral growth with electricity to promote mineral accretion, and therefore the formation of limestone, accelerating coral growth and reinforcing it. A partnership has been made with the University of Dhyan Pura in Denpasar where scientific studies will be conducted to measure the effectiveness of coral structures. 

The project aims also at improving waste management practices in the area and includes the planting of trees near the coastline in order to limit polluted runoff (waste, sediments) and preserve corals. 


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