953 trees to be planted by farmers affiliated to the Food Assembly

la ruche

In July 2014, The Food Assembly also known as La Ruche qui dit Oui! in French, was launched in the UK enabling the general public to purchase high-quality food while supporting small-scale producers, who create jobs and foster social well-being.

Started in France, and now a movement across Europe, there are more than 700 Assemblies opened in France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and Italy.

In 2015, PUR Projet partnered The Food Assembly in France to support affiliated farmers with agroforestry projects. In November 2015, The Food Assembly launched a call for projects via its newsletter; 5 projects were chosen among the 29 proposals received.

Objective is to promote the plantation of fruit trees within agricultural plots. Beyond the benefits of agroforestry, fruit trees are productive in the short-term and help farmers to increase and diversify their production.

In Autumn 2016, 953 fruit trees will be planted in the 5 selected projects.

Our objective now is to support the 24 remaining projects to plant more than 7000 new trees and promote agroforestry in France.

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