Pokamasta coral reef restoration project


Pokmasta is PUR Projet’s first marine ecosystems preservation and restoration project, started un June 2016 in Bali, Indonesia. Having received the authorization of the Indonesian government to immerge the metallic structures (artificial reef) in the sea, 311 baby corals have been placed on the structures in partnership with Biorock Indonesia and Yayasan Karang Lestari. The project includes coral reef and mangrove restoration, reforestation and agroforestry as well as community empowerment for waste management.

Coral regeneration

PUR Projet has already started the creation of coral nurseries to rehabilitate collected broken corals. The goal is to create new individual colonies thanks to the construction of artificial structures to provide growth platform for corals and other organisms living on the reefs. The use of advanced reef restoration technologies (BIOROCK®, invented by Thomas J. Goreau and Wolf Hilbertz), mineral accretion by electrolysis, will enable the increase of the coral growth and their survival rates against climate change and other pressures. This will be done with the development of coral culture tables and conservation activities, such as the creation of marine protected areas, surveillance… to improve the effectiveness of the project.

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Local communities are at the core of this project, the Pokmasta community group implementing and managing the activities. The participative approach aims at empowering the communities on the sustainable management of the natural resources they depend on. Moreover, the project will contribute to improve food sovereignty and bring additional revenues thanks to eco-tourism.


Plastic waste management

Indonesia is the second largest contributor of marine plastic after China; plastic pollution is threatening marine life and ecosystems causing an estimated 13 billion USD in damage every year. The Pokmasta project combines the cleaning of beaches with educational events, workshops and trainings, raising awareness for marine pollution as well as coral restoration and preservation. It also includes the installation of metallic recycling bins and development of paying recycling services for local shops and businesses.


Reforestation & agroforestry

During the rainy season, heavy rains wash away large quantity of sediments, which are directly discharged into the sea. Sedimentation has a significant negative effect on coral health, hindering restoration effects by inducing additional stress on marine organisms. The project includes the plantation of timber and fruit trees around fields, village temples and rivers beds in order to improve soil retention, reduce soil erosion and runoff, enhance water quality within the lagoon with direct positive impact on coral health, and provide an additional income for villagers.

Mangrove conservation & restoration

The Pokmasta project aims also at conserving and restoring mangrove forests, very important for coral health, biodiversity and climate change adaptation (protect coastal areas against storms and floods). In partnership with the Forum Konservasi Putri Menjangan, PUR Projet develops mangrove nurseries, restores degraded salt farms and lobbyes for legislative protection.

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