A fresh look at PUR Projet

This morning was different from any other. Today, I started my new job at PUR Projet. At exactly nine o’clock, being very punctual, I walked into the gate on Pierre Levée street and climbed up to the second floor. Well-dressed in my grey suit, I came in a warm Open Space and walked a few meters until the large meeting room next to a tiny kitchen where Tristan and Vincent welcomed me with a large smile and an enthusiastic handshake. On the table, I could get the smell of nice Ethiquable coffee, mixed with the scent of French viennoiseries for breakfast. “You know, you don’t have to suit up here, just come as you are and how you feel good.”.

What my job looks like? I work with companies to help them go through transition, thanks to innovating programs aiming at reducing or offsetting their socio-environmental impact by better understanding their value chain weaknesses and by developing ambitious agroforestry projects (among other things). Here, the main idea is that economy can serve our ecosystems, even though we’re usually prone to think the contrary. At PUR Projet, we just cannot be satisfied with criticism or resignation feelings, and we better look for solutions to make it up between opposite worlds. This is not the easy way at all, but the project is backed by a great team both rigorous and really engaged. I totally got convinced to join PUR Projet by this subtle but efficient mix of strong professionalism and sincere enthusiasm serving a long term vision.

It’s ten o’clock. I listen carefully to the introduction made by Marie. She tells me more about the fulgurous story of PUR Projet, from a small carbon offsetting initiative to an important portfolio of projects worldwide. Around me more people are arriving at the office and come to say hello, happy to connect and get to know me before they go to their desk and start working. Some of them went at the Forum Convergences to speak about Biocorredor Martin Sagrado project which won the prize Convergences International this year. Some are abroad in the field to develop and monitor some of our projects in Ethiopia or Thailand, while others are preparing a meeting with a client or an impact study in a cosy working atmosphere with plants all around, big project pictures on the wall and small Treez products here and there, which are fashionable accessories consciously produced by the company Gifts for Change, a start-up working in the same offices and created by a cofounder of PUR Projet.

Now it’s my turn, I finally seat in front of my computer and start reading the new PUR Projet Newsletter, just as you are doing right now, so as to know more about last projects updates, initiatives in progress and news from our ecosystem. Here it is, I am working at PUR Projet!


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