A tree planted each 700 bags saved!

Partnering with PUR Projet, Les Hameaux Bio (cooperative of 4 stores in Loire-Atlantique, part of the Biocoop organic food distribution network) committed to reduce bread packaging by offering a reusable organic cotton bag at cash-desk.

Planter arbre - Trignac-01 (002)
The aim is to transform customers’ ecological efforts by deferring the savings made on unprocessed bags to an agroforestry project at local producers.

For Les Hameaux Bio, the integration of trees within production systems has several objectives:
• Protecting the plots against the drifts of the surrounding pest control treatments
• Developing functional and wild biodiversity within crops,
• Increasing profitability of agricultural land
• Protecting animals, crops and equipment
• But also: better control of water resources, soil conservation, microclimatic regulation, landscape enhancement, diversification of incomes, and so many benefits to achieve optimal productivity that respects the environment.

After 2 months nearly 9,000 bags have been saved and 12 trees can already be planted with local producers!

To know more about PUR Projet agroforestry method, please visit the dedicated section on PUR Projet website.

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