New edition of “Arbres d’Avenir” competition

Initiated by AccorHotels in partnership with Fermes d’Avenir, BlueBees and PUR Projet, the national competition rewards innovative agricultural projects that integrate trees at the heart of farms in France.

Robert Sangély from « Les Paniers de la Forêt », Insetting Award in 2016, decided to integrate the tree in its production system in order to transform its plot into orchard-gardening.

The Tree has disappeared from our agricultural landscapes, taking with it the soils’ health, water quality, biodiversity and cultures’ productivity. PUR Projet, Fermes d’Avenir, BlueBees and AccorHotels are partnering again in 2017 for a 2nd edition of the competition which aims at supporting the ecological transition in France and giving back to trees their vital place in our agricultural systems.

Christian Vigne, « Ferme Les Crouzettes », prize-winner in 2016, converted his vineyard farm to agroforestry

For its first edition in 2016, the competition was a great success with no less than 34 winners, 3 big winners, a total of €200,000 funding for awards, 40,000 trees planted in France, 200 participants during the Awards ceremony at the Ministry of Agriculture, and moreover a great victory for agroecology.

Enhanced by the momentum, the competition’s stakeholders have the ambition to scale up the 2017 edition, going beyond the 100,000 trees financed and creating a real tool to accelerate the agricultural transition in France. From ambitious market gardening to innovative large-scale cultures, all models are welcome.

Behind each project, people are taking action to support the agro-ecological transition. For all of them, funding is a key lever.

Key steps of the competition:

– Until 25 June 2017: submission of applications

– From 8 September: confirmation of the 22 selected projects (PUR Projet will be of the selection committee)

– October 16 to November 16: online vote to elect the 3 big winners of this edition

– From 4 December 2017 to 14 January 2018: crowdfunding campaign on the BlueBees platform so the winners can receive additional fundings.

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