Fermes d’Avenir Tour – highlights the future of farming

While entries for Arbres d’Avenir competition have just ended, let’s focus on Fermes d’Avenir Tour, a tour across the French countryside launched by our network friends Fermes d’Avenir, and supported by PUR Projet.

The tour is on the road and PUR Projet founder Tristan Lecomte writes a few lines about this inspirational project, that questions the future of farming.

Credits : Fermes d’Avenir

” The Fermes d’Avenir Tour keeps on going throughout the French countryside this summer and is supposed to end on septembre 14th in Tours city. The objective of this original initiative is to meet and highlight farmers who commit to organic farming, agroecology and permaculture principles (rooted in a territory and benefitting the Humanity) and to analyze their practices. It is all about believing in a prosperous agriculture, freed from the principles of Chemistry, thus based on the connections between all living beings.

The stake is the following : how could we « inset » French Agriculture ? The Fermes d’Avenir Tour reveals that everywhere in France, farmers dream of another innovative farming model, based on respect and hope for future generations.

It is no more utopia to believe that one day the whole French agriculture will be organic and ecosystem-balanced – it is an absolute necessity, and this idea is becoming mainstream already.

A cultural revolution is on the run and the Fermes d’Avenir Tour fully contributes to it all.

Credits : Fermes d’Avenir

Congratulations and thanks to all the makers of the 2017 Tour – we are excited about the bright future of farming, that will hopefully be sustainable and desirable.

Tristan Lecomte”

For more information about the project, visit their website and their Youtube page to follow the tour live.
Also read our article about Arbres d’Avenir competition, launched in partnership with Fermes d’Avenir.


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