Measure, reduce, mitigate. Repeat.

Energy consumption in buildings and for the construction industry adds up to more than a third of global energy consumption and contributes to about a fourth of global greenhouse gases emissions. Following the COP 21 Paris Agreement, ParexGroup has decided to commit to fighting climate change and launched the ParexGroup Climate Program, which aims at reducing the impact of greenhouse gases emissions. This initiative was launched in 2016 in collaboration with PUR Projet, which operates socio-environmental projects within companies’ value chains with a focus on community agroforestry programs. This a an innovative and a win-win partnership in the construction industry.

The ParexGroup Climate Program is built in 3 steps: measure, reduce and adapt & mitigate:

  • Measuring GHG emissions in all the countries in which ParexGroup operates:
  • Reduce footprint by implementing a sustainable procurement strategy using new procurement tools: a sustainable purchasing charter, a supplies & GHG emissions database, and an audit grid to accompany suppliers in the establishment of more sustainable practices; and reduce footprint by working on the sand drying process,
  • 10 ecosystem regeneration projects operated by PUR Projet were chosen to support across the countries ParexGroup operate in, geographically as close as possible to the group facilities worldwide.
Credist : Pur Projet ParexGroup

Furthermore, to limit the impact of GHG emissions associated with ParexGroup’s staff travels and the energy consumed in factories, we are investing in agroforestry projects to restore ecosystems and empower local communities in the countries in which the group operates.
Being close to field projects and local partners was key for ParexGroup, for which local foothold not only is the guarantee of how relevant is their engagement, but also is the guarantee of how teams are reactive and take ownership of the topics.

Safety and Sustainable Development Director Louis Engel made a field visit of one of the projects in Yunnan province, China, last april. There, the agroforestry project contributes to restore biodiversity and to improve the quality of water and soils, while allowing a sustainable management of timber.

Credits : ParexGroup & PUR Projet

PUR Projet is proud to partner with ParexGroup to reduce energy consumption in buildings and for the construction industry.

Credits : ParexGroup and PUR Projet

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