PUR Seeds – For future generations

An editorial by PUR Projet Founder Tristan Lecomte

Sustainable Development as defined has been highlightening the importance of intergenerational solidarity and our unavoidable responsibility towards younger generations.This is the very spirit of ‘PUR seeds’  – a PUR Projet program. With ‘PUR seeds’ PUR Projet completes its community-based approach, with the integration of a component dedicated to childhood and children development.
Our children are the first concerned, as they will be the first ones to suffer from climate change effects.

Working as Climate gamechangers, PUR Projet cannot ignore them anymore. Children are also our biggest opportunity to change the future, they are changemakers-to-be. They still can dream, imagine and build up the world of Tomorrow, which has to be of solidarity and sustainability.

PUR Projet has been supporting schools in Nepal since 2010, and also in Peru, Thailand, Marocco and Ethiopia through different projects. It has been essential for PUR Projet to include children the more it could when implementing reforestation programs. Children love trees and trees are children’s best friends. Trees teach children patience, wisdom, generosity, to root from the ground, to grow to reach the sky and how to stare at stars…

All of PUR Projet partners share this vision – engaging for Nature and climate has always gone hand in hand with engaging for humanity and solidarity towards those in need, especially children.

Thank you to care as we do for the well-being of future generations. The support we provide through ‘PUR seeds’ program also is the true result of our collaboration. A warm thank you to all of you.

Credits : Tristan Lecomte

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